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Ancestral Medicine Revival

  • Ancestral Medicine Revival

What we offer

by Adam, Shield of the Feather

+  Kosmic cell reading 
+ Mind, Body, Spirit clearing & healing 
+ Personalized or group Ceremonies for intention & healing 
+ Bio- feedback analysis and reading
+ Kosmic Stone readings 
+ Home & land blessings, clearings, or gridding 
+ Medicine Wheel activation work 
+ Meditation Discovery & Hypnosis 
+ Totem realization & activation 
+ Ancestral and Indigenous bridging

Ancestral Medicine Revival

Ancestral Medicine Revival is directed in the discovery and revival of Indigenous practices and ways.

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IndigiCore and SpiritQuests

An indigenous based volunteer service that supports indigenous communities with regenerative solutions in areas such as food, water, social, governance, current-SEE, and permaculture systems.

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Education and Curriculum

To develop gatherings and curriculum to educate people on elemental, social, and digital technology that supports the vision.

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Healing & Wellness, Events, and Governance

We develop celebratory and ceremonial events and networks devoted to empowering aligned action at the grassroots level in order to build multigenerational, harmonious, sustainable communities interconnected and interoperable with one another.

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