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Spirit Quests

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Pilgrimages to sacred sites. Each journey will vary from year too year. However, each of these sacred voyages sole aim is for conscious growth and expansion, exercising the spirit, and learning from the Medicine of the land and people/tribes in those places we travel too and what it has to offer. We try our best to make these trips as affordable as possible, as it's about the connection and realization that can come forth from such a sacred experience, that initally money cannot buy. Infinite love and gratitude, as we look forward in sharing with you all.

Sacred Voyages


Call of the White Lions is a sacred pilgrimage in one of South Africa's renowned heartlands. The vibration and being of the white lions is similar in comparison to Turtle Islands White buffalo story. They are said to be relevant to humanities collective consciousness, the stars, the coming of times, and to the Nilotic meridian. Inviting those who are feeling the roar of the white lions to come gather and integrate with them on their homelands.
This is a 10 day trip, traveling through one of the most anciently beautiful places this beautiful mother Earth of ours has to offer.Looking to be a small intimate group of around 12 people or so! and as it is one of my favorite places to visit, I feel so privileged and blessed to be sharing this unique experience with this group.
The White Lions found me a few years ago here in the states, and as I felt there calling, I definitely saw the importance and blessing, that eventually came from being in ceremony and visiting with these beautiful beings on their heartlands. We will have the great opportunity and pleasure to spend time with the founder of the White Lions Trust, and medicine woman Linda Tucker. An amazing woman with a great story, who was able to return the White Lions safely back to their homelands!
For those coming out for this Quest, four additional days at the end of the first 10 days are subject and available to anyone else who might be interested in taking the 13 Law's of the White Lion hearted leadership course! (This is an additional charge and fee)
If interested please PM me for reservation and pricing fee, as there is limited space. More info to follow in the next months. Please watch for my videos and info I will post about leading information to this Quest, and the areas we will be going to on this page or by email. In infinite love and gratitude, Mitakuye Oyasin.
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