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Egypt: “Returning to Source” 10/07/21-/10/21/21
Returning to Source gathering, in Egypt the land of milk and honey to the soul, is a place that calls many of us back. We work with locals in the area whom we call our Egyptian family in the village of Abu-Sir next to Cairo, known as the birth land of Osiris.
What makes this gathering so unique and special is that we are not just going as visitors and tourist, but as intiates on the path of Spirit. And as intiates we will have an all inclusive pass to not only the most regarded sacred sites and temples, but other important power places and sites where you need to be invited and brought onto the land.
The beautiful thing is that we will be staying in a village outside of Cairo that is in birds eye view of the first built pyramid in Saqqara and the Giza pyramids. Even better this experience is set up for us to learn about these sacred sites, to do ceremonies there, activation work, meditation, and our offerings. Not too mention immersing ourselves in the culture, the people, the food, and boat tripping on the Nile!
The Returning to Source gathering is about rightfully returning back to the origin and source of the ancient ones, to feel and learn once again with them. The sacred technology, knowledge, temples, and memories that are present for us at these sacred sites is priceless. Please join us for this once in a life time experience that you will never forget!
Below is what we currently have planned for this trip, schedule later to follow.
+ Guided tours, meditation, activation inside many different pyramids in Egypt.
+ Visiting around 20 different sacred sites and temples.
+ Boat sail on the Nile, sailing Temple to Temple.
+ Visit and tour Valley of the Kings, and temples of Karnak & Hatshesupt.
+ Guided tour, meditation, and activation work at Luxor, Hathor (Dendera), & Abydos (Osiris) temples.
+ Cairo museums & city tour
This SpiritQuest, is open to those for either one week which is focused around Cairo and or both weeks, which the second week includes the Nile boat voyage and other sacred sites of lower Egypt, each price differing depending on your timing. We are looking at taking 16 people on this sacred gathering. Everyone will be required to purchase there own plane ticket to Cairo. Other than that everything else is included. Being transportation (bus & boat), accommodations, tickets into the temples and museums, and food except for a couple occasional times when we are in the village or city, so you can can order and try from the local food vendors yourself.

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