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IndigiCore and SpiritQuests



An indigenous based volunteer service that supports indigenous communities with regenerative solutions in areas such as food, water, social, governance, current-SEE, and permaculture systems.

Political advocacy and education for bringing accountability into awareness through collaborative transparent governance agreements that bring to the table all parties involved with land, water, and food system, waste management, degradation in affected Indiginous territories within the Americas.

To develop a grant program for indiginous focused projects within that provide specific resources to empower indiginous youth with local and global opportunities to participate in economic development and job creation and training.



To grow and expand the SpiritQuest sacred voyages whose sole aim is for conscious growth and expansion, exercising the spirit, and learning from the Medicine of the land and people/tribes in those places we travel to and what it has to offer. These are affordable, multigenerational trips designed to enhance  the connection and realization that can come forth from such a sacred experience. While supporting local contacts and projects though patronage and getting their messages out.


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