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Listen beyond your 4 layers, and know that you are not only flesh and blood waking up in these times. Ask then, Who I am ? Where am I going? And why am I here? They are small questions that we ask day by day, as we look for answers, some in the stars, in ancient traditions, oracles, or in life itself. And find your reason for being . This is the universal connection for all those Brothers and sisters of other races and other languages, walkers of life let your steps guide your feet in the cosmic traces of this American culture. Always with a smile in the heart, and eyes well Attentive to this legacy of the PACHAMAMA and the APUS, that through their children the INKAS make and give meaning. Where every temple of your existence opens and shines like the brightness of the INTI TAYTA father sun, when touching your bare feet on this sacred ground, in this small world called Pachamama, which was born the QOSQO (Cusco) navel city, Puma city. Where life gives you the opportunity to offer and connect with the four directions/ elements (UNU, NINA, ALLPHA, WAYRA, TAWA KAUSAQ ININÑIN) (water fire earth and air) in the temple of the 4 sacred elements) where the stellar table of your Body extends in its 4 horizons to connect in body mind and spirit with the telluric forces of the universe, where man flies through air, fire, water, Earth, and spirit. Rediscovering with our origins with COSMIC DNA of the UNIVERSE. Where the star door opens to connect with the natural world of HANAN PACHA the cosmos, KAY PACHA the pachamama, the UKHU PACHA the spirits to reach the MUNAY love, integrity in absolute harmony, the YACHAY knowing or knowing awareness Towards the practice, the LLANKAY collective work to become the 3 arcane, the KUNTUR condor the head, taking high consciousness, the OKE MICHY puma the heart harmonizing with the environment, the AMARU the snake with it’s connection to nature all around. And to complete the AMARU KATARI NINA, THE AYNI THE SAGRADO EQUILIBRIO fundamental axis of constructive greatness both spiritual and beyond. If you feel the calling, please join us in this sacred pilgrimage for a 10 day spirituall intensive in correct and the sacred valley. cleansing, offering, connecting, learning, remembering, and being with these sacred sites and lands. Where the mind and heart discovers states of HIGH CONSCIOUSNESS, sowing the seed in the womb of your new being. COMING NOVEMBER 2019

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