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This amazing journey will be based around Auckland and the surrounding beaches and land there in NZ. This spiritual journey we will be integrating and sitting in circle with some of the most strong and indigenous leading groups of people in the world, in the Maori. You will have the pleasure to meet with some Maori elders, learn of the Maori customs and traditions, a chance to pray and doing offerings with them on their sacred land, be in circle with them in there holding house called a Marae, learn some of the philosophies and healing techniques of the Maori, and eating and dancing with them Haka style.
The culture and and people here have touched my life in a profound way since visiting there this last year. I look forward to sharing the same experiences I immersed in since being there. I have found it to be a very spiritual and enlightening place. Especially with the people who welcome you as part of their family. The original name of this land is called Aotearoa, place of the long white cloud where the first Light of Day touches the Earth. Please join us on this wonderful once in a spiritual lifetime experience.

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