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Over the last decade I have had the honor and pleasure to connect and learn more about the sacred beauty that is of our North American country, Turtle Island as our ancestors use to call it. Learning about its vortices, sacred sites, indigenous people, and points of synergism. North America is the type of beauty and wonderland that speaks and calls to us in many incredible ways. And what better way to experience it than with spiritual connection & endowment. Immersing and learning with the land as our ancestors here once did. Each year we pick a different place around our beautiful country to camp and do our work at. Doing ceremonies, meditation, activation, offerings, and learning about the medicine of the land and people in those areas we journey to. This is the land of my Native American people and family, and I enjoy nothing more than sharing in circle with people within our ways and nature. Helping to get back in touch with ourselves and mother Earth. So take a journey with us around the medicine wheel and teachings of the Earth, here in our own home if Turtle Island.

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